Anyone else gonna have a few days extra?

Hi there
I’m gonna arrive in palm springs on Thu Sep 20th, i’ll have a few days left to spend on the weekend before basecamp starts, i’ll be there alone and don’t know anybody in the area. i don’t have any exact plans yet on what I wanna do there but i’ll figure it out when I get there. if someone wants to join me please reply here or send a PM. its always fun to meet new ppl.

I’m in the early 20’s
Isaak Klassen

If you have a car then I would think it would be good to explore SanDiego or LA, not sure there is that much in Palm Springs to do for four days except play Golf!

I have days to spare after Basecamp, I am planning on going past LA and further up the coast to Santa Barabra.

Even the immediate suroundings, the Coachella valley, seem to have a lot to offer for outdoors!
Although I don’t have extra days, I hope to find fellow basecampers, adventurers, hikers and bikers for some tours after sessions are over.

Hiking for sure!

Hi Isaak,
I’m intending to come to Palm Desert early and I also don’t know anyone there … I will arrive on the 21 of September in the evening. I will be happy to meet you and to hang out with you if you want. Like you I didn’t make any plans yet but I’m for sure will travel around to explore the area.
I rent a car so If you want you are welcome to travel with me.
Eitan Oshri

While I can’t join you, I highly recommend a visit to Joshua Tree National Monument - it’s stunning!

I’m arriving Sunday afternoon and am looking for dinner companions for Sunday evening. I’ll have my car - it’s the cheapest way for me to travel from the San Francisco bay area where I live.

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I was just out in April and revisited The Gamble House in Pasadena. It’s a two hour drive from Palm Springs, but for some architects and fine wood workers it’s a bit of Mecca for the finest in arts and crafts and mission style. If you’re coming or going from LAX it’s not a bad detour. Given our experience, I’d recommend a reservation.


If you’re in LA and need some local intel… feel free to stop by and say hello, I’m by the Hollywood bowl. my contact number’s on my website. Not only do we have Sketchup in common, but one of my son’s name is Liam…so you can’t go wrong ! Always good to meet an abbreviation in person.


Yes I will pop in and see you on my way up to SantaB or on the way back, one thing you could maybe help with? I am looking at travel options from LAX > Palm Springs and the internet is a minefield of options. I don’t drive and I am not going to fly so looking at bus/train options. Have any good ideas?

My time is late Sunday afternoon/early evening (landing at 1730 at LAX so should be out by 1900).


Hi Oshri,
Thank you for joining this conversation,
i’m glad you’re interested in meeting up and getting to know each other,
i guess we can keep in touch and arrange the time and location once we get there?

i really appreciate the offer and i don’t have a car rental yet so if you’re willing to share the ride that sounds good to me, i can help you with the expenses.

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(This thread right here is why I love this community)


HI sjdorst
i had a look at the place and you’re right about that, i’m looking forward to going there.

i’m willing to join you,

My plans aren’t finalized, but tentatively thinking of coming and going from LAX and renting a car. I’m hoping to squeeze in another visit with my sister one or both weekends. I could conceivably time it out to share the ride.

Cool keep me posted!


Cool. I’ll start a PM conversation and add others to it as they speak up about wanting to join us. Then, around the beginning of September, we can start talking details privately.

Try Tesloop (looks like a tesla ride share) and not too expensive?

The train from Los Angeles Union Station to Palm springs is only $18 - $22 …you would just get an Uber from LAX Airport to Union Station, I wouldn’t recommend a bus at that time after a long flight…you can then chill on the train for a couple of hours.

go to Amtrak for schedules - not sure of your exact times…

let me know if this helps or I can dig up some more options.

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That train only runs 3 days/week - not Sundays. Which is the day @liamk887 needs to travel.

Oh there is one on Sunday… That will get me there on Monday ha. I think tesla loop looks good, I ignored it at fist at it looked too good (cheap) to be true! I will have a better look when I’m back home next week.

Oops! You’re right. I must have picked the wrong day on the “date picker” when I checked

If I wasn’t presenting on Monday I would not mind getting in late but hoping to be at the hotel for 2100 and get some rest, it’s pretty far from Sweden. I rely so much on public transport all over Europe I took it as a given there would be plenty of trains, on reflection i should have read up more!