Anyone else gonna have a few days extra?


It’s a car culture here, unlike Europe. What time does your flight get in?
If it’s tight i think the Tesla option is a good one. $74

It looked to me like there was a train at 10pm on Sunday? via Amtrak.

The crazy think here is that the lightrailway/subway that is finally appearing does not reach the airport… I don’t know of any other major city that doesn’t have a train option at the airport…unclear why they cant make it happen.


I land at 1730 and the train won’t get me in to the hotel until 1am so looks like Tesla it is!

If I wasn’t giving a workshop on Monday I wouldn’t mind but better to not be a zombie for my students… :sweat_smile:


Most painless way I think…I’d book it sooner than later as i think its very limited on seats.


Yeah I will do it next week for sure.


I wouldn’t expect any public transit in LA. The north east part of USA is as close to Europe as you’ll find; from where I live, there are trains to NYC every half hour. Even so, I’ve ridden on trains in Sweden, and they’re WAY nicer than anything we have.

In defense of LA Public Transit

Hi Isaak,
My pleasure :sunglasses: I will call you when I get to Palm Springs ( I will need your phone number so I could reach you)
and like I told you, You are more than welcome to share the ride with me during this week.
see you soon :slight_smile: