3D Basecamp 2018 - California ?!?

So… I was really looking forward to Basecamp 2018. Until I discovered it is going to be in Palm Springs, CA. Guess I’ll skip until it returns to Colorado.

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Mm, if they are going ‘on tour’ you might not get there at all! That’s why we will organize our own basecamp:

I’d rather do Eindhoven than Palm Springs. But it is a little far for us. Then there’s the whole American only speaks one language thing!

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California is gonna be a long travel from Sweden :open_mouth: . But not very much longer than Colorado anyway :stuck_out_tongue: .


Where was this posted…that 2018 would be in California?

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I searched the forum before posting and only came up with this link and a one that was asking if there was a 2017 Basecamp. I’ll search my emails…I used to get updates on Basecamp because I’ve been a couple times.

I believe it is planned to be officially announced soon. It sort of leaked a bit.

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I received an email announcing the event. Try 3Dbasecamp.sketchup.com for more. Not much up yet but location and dates.

Hi everyone! We haven’t formally announced anything for Basecamp 2018 just yet… but keep an eye out :wink:

The logo for the 2018 Basecamp has the name palm springs in it. I’m not an expert on these matters but it sounds more Californian than Coloradoan to me.

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I totally agree. This would have been my first Basecamp and I was really excited about Steamboat Springs. Palm Springs is almost as bad as Las Vegas. I’m so disappointed. Guess I may have to put this off until 2020 and hope that I’m still using SketchUp by then.

May I ask what the difference between palms and steamboats is?

I believe Palm Springs to be high desert; please correct me if I am wrong. I already live in a desert area and have no need to visit another. Working, because it essentially is a work trip with some free time thrown in, in the CO mountains is much more appealing to me. Just not a fan of CA.

No one location will be ideal for everyone. It’s only ever been in Steamboat once anyway. It’s good to move it around.

I guess if your definition of high desert is 220 feet above sea level it’s high desert. The Wikipedia says high desert in California is above 2000 feet.The location in Steamboat is 6945 feet.

It’s unlikely anyone will suffer from altitude sickness in Palm Desert like they did in Steamboat or Vail.

I believe it’s never been in the same place twice…maybe Boulder twice…but I attended Boulder and Vail. If I have to get on a plane, location doesn’t bother me as much as the content of the convention.


Yep. You’re right. It was in Boulder twice but I believe there’s no suitable venue there. Vail was beautiful and so was Steamboat but each was bigger than the previous ones and it was a pretty tight fit. I understand the crowd will be even bigger for the next one. I suppose they could have limited the number of folks invited but that would have left some folks out who will get an opportunity to go to Palm Desert.

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Maybe the SU folks have some kind of user database and have worked out that there are a lot of users in the California area?
Like @eneroth3 I have had to fly inter-continentally to attend previously. I always seem to be living on the wrong continent! And now I live in Canada :roll_eyes:

There is a Palm Springs in Florida also. Ah… when is the hurricane season again ? :wink:

Not the mention the revelation that the rest of the world does not operate on Mountain Time, nor uses Imperial Measure!