3D Basecamp 2018 - California ?!?

Finding an appropriate, affordable venue for events like Basecamp is becoming something of a black art. I know a little bit about this in my role as a board member for the American Association of Woodturners. Our annual Symposium attracts somewhere between 1000 and 1200 attendees; we’ve selected sites through 2020 and will soon begin looking for sites for 2021 on. We’ve been told that many suitable venues are already sold out–four years in advance! SketchUp is probably in the same boat that we are–trying to get a good, affordable venue in a tight market. I don’t envy their task. The Basecamp in Vail four years ago managed to fit the attendees and all the workshops in one resort hotel. But as the number of attendees and workshops grows, the Basecamp will no longer fit in one venue, so the organizers will need to find an event space with good nearby hotels. Not an easy task.


Jason, I’ve heard a rumor that the next Basecamp after California will be in Canada.

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If it is then I’m volunteering to help!

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Now, where did you here that? At a recent BaseCamp…?

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