Where are you staying for 3D Basecamp?

3D Basecamp is less than two months away! Have you booked your hotel room at either the JW Marriott or the Marriott Desert Villas? The deadline to book with the 3D Basecamp rate ends August 17; don’t miss out!

Learn more and book now: SketchUp 3D Basecamp 2022 | Traveling to Canada

To answer your question: I’m booked in a cheap motel about 4 miles away for a couple of reasons:

  • Budget
  • I’m bringing my bike with me and - traffic and weather permitting - by staying away, I’ll get in about 8 miles/day.

JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort. Hopefully it cools down a touch, because at the current temps, I won’t want to go outside :slight_smile:


For those of you who have never been to Basecamp before I HIGHLY recommend try to get a room at the event hotel (JW Marriott). While there is plenty of SketchUp to absorb during the day, I have to say that it is just as much fun to hang out after the classes at the pool/bar/fire with all the instructors and other Basecampers at the hotel!

Hurry, though… I believe that the main hotel is booking up quickly, so click through @Caroline’s link and book a room at the discounted rate, ASAP!


Hi Aaron,
I rented a condo not so far away from the JW Marriott, and I’m going to be in the 3D Basecamp for the whole week. I Hope I could still hang out after the classes at the pool/bar/fire with all the instructors and other Basecampers if I am not staying at the hotel.
I am really excited to come to the event to learn and meet you guys.
This community is really great.
See you soon. :sunglasses:


Yep I think it’s fine, come and find me at the bar :beers:

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Save me a sit I’m coming. :grinning:

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It’s dry heat…as a local, it’s really not bad in small quantities. Adds to the overall experience as well :wink:

It may indeed be dry, but it’s still forecast to be hovering around 100 F during the heat of the day. Although the long range forecasts have seen the high lowering (it was 110 when I first looked a couple of months ago!), I’m thinking it will might be too hot for me to be able to bike to/from my cheap motel 4 miles away. The mornings shouldn’t be bad, but the return trip - whew!

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Wow 43C, that is far too hot!

That was when I looked a few months ago. As I said, subsequent checks of the long range forecast have it going down. I just checked again and the forecast “Highest High” is 98F (37C) on Wednesday with Friday being a (relatively) cool 92F (33C) - NOTHING in triple digits (Fahrenheit - or Celsius for that matter!).

I’m now more hopeful of my ability to use my bike between my cheap motel and the conference. Mornings won’t be a problem, but on the evening return, I may still need to rely on evaporative cooling of my sweat to avoid overheat problems!

I’ve ridden my bike in those temperatures (43C) in Phoenix. In my case I was riding more than 5 miles, so I had a big bottle of water with me. If your hotel is not that far away, and if it’s down to the mid-30s, you should be ok.

I’m going to a conference in Los Angeles in the middle of October, it’ll only be mid-20s, so shouldn’t be a problem. But I am worrying about where to stash the bike during the day, and will it still be there when I get back!

I’ll be contacting the JW Marriott Palm Desert (the 3D Basecamp conference location) mid month to get details on both parking for non guests (I’ll need to drive on Friday and, depending on heat, possibly other days) and the possibility of leaving my bike checked into their cloak room! I’ll post the details here once I have them.

On second thought, why wait until mid month? So I just called the JW Marriott about parking (auto and bike) for conference attendees NOT staying at the resort. And posted the details in a new topic:

We will need to sketch ourselves an AC or a swimming pool :slight_smile:

Swimming pool? How about swimming pools - plural?

I count 5 at the JW Marriott - 8 if you count the itsy bitsy ones that might be hot tubs!