Plans nearly final for Pre-Bootcamp Dinner Sunday, 9/23


Continuing the discussion from 3D Bootcamp Early Arrival Dinner?:

This will just be a casual get together for people already there.

Meet at 6:30 at the conference registration desk - which will open at 5 so you can register for the conference as well!

The destination will be Casuelas Cafe in Palm Desert - at least for my carload! Click here for the menu. The criteria was fairly simple: Choose any cuisine NOT represented by restaurants at the conference hotel. Do a bit of research and present options. @mb1cpa helped out with the research - she lives nearby and gave some recommendations, including Casuelas. The only reaction in the previous thread was thumbs up on the Mexican!

We have at least two cars available provided by myself and @junior capable together of carrying 12 adults. There MAY be at least one more car, but it’s not settled yet!

Rather than do a lot of coordination, I think we should just meet and see how many people we have. People who just show up without piping up with an “I’ll be there” or “I’ll try to be there” or something like that as a reply to this thread will have lower priority for available seats than those that have previously expressed interest.

I currently have the following people who expressed interest through the other thread - and they don’t need to “chime in” here to keep their place in line:
Me (@sjdorst), @colin, @slbaumgartner, @jvleearchitects, @junior, and @mb1cpa. I’m adding @RTCool who contacted me by PM. That’s 7, so we’ve got room for 5 more even if the 3rd car doesn’t materialize. Also, even without a 3rd car, if more than 12 show up, they can always share an Uber!

Lastly, I’m going to tag a few more people who I know should be there in time, based on their entry in the Arrival Date/Time/Flight spreadsheet. Unlike the people I’ve already tagged, these people should chime in to get preference over unannounced attendees:
@Box, @DaveR, @Aerilius, @Wo3Dan, @Eneroth3, @Cotty, @zafumatt, @Geo

Bootcamp is getting close! Most of us will arrive less than 100 hours from now! My excitement level just stepped up quite a bit.

3D Bootcamp Early Arrival Dinner?

OK … Count me in among the motley crew.


Mark DeMille and I will attempt to make the dinner and will have an extra two seats in our car. Don’t count us in the headcount for the car, as we have our own! Great choice by the way, you will love Casuelas Café and it will be a great start to a truly awesome conference, especially if you like tequila…


Thanks but don’t count me in. I believe I have other plans.


Do they laugh at you if you have it in the form of a margarita?

As for headcount, in theory if Steve makes it I will too, though my connecting flight only has a 45 minute gap. Hopefully the JFK to PHX flight will be on time.


Count me out.


Unless I’m expected to be anywhere else and haven’t understood it yet I’ll try to be there!


Updated List: - Without the “@” so people won’t get alerted to what they already know!

Plan to be there:

sjdorst, colin, slbaumgartner, jvleearchitects, junior, and mb1cpa+1, geo, eneroth3
2 Cars totalling 12 people PLUS a possible 3rd car adding space for 4 (mp1cpa).

That’s 7 counting towards the first 12, plus 2 who, if they make it, will have a 3rd car with space for two more.

Probably won’t be there:
Box, DaveR

Remember, all are welcome. Even if you never speak up here! And even if you said “No” here! This is just a priority list in case so many show up that we don’t have pre-arranged space for all who show up.


A margarita?!? I don’t know about you, but I can’t stop at just one! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll be on a long trip during the day, so the meeting time would be too tight for me (unless the temperatures are too hot and I return earlier). Then I’d join spontaneously.


As I remarked earlier, I’m a maybe not a definite. I will make up my mind on the spur of the moment based on how I feel after 7+ hours of air travel and a three-hour time zone shift.


Sounds like fun! I will try to be there. I will probably have my own transport (bicycle) so don’t save a car seat for me.


For this trip I’m ok for getting around, in that I’m staying where the conference is, but other times I might well have brought my bike with me (foldable Brompton). One other deciding factor is my 45 minutes connect time, even if I make it to the gate on time I’m doubtful that any checked luggage would make it.


This will be my first trip with the Tern folder. I hope it survives the flight!


I’ve done a lot of flights with my bike, and it has suffered a range of damages. Baggage handlers are not gentle people.


I’m driving to the conference from my home in the San Francisco Bay Area. And I’m bringing my folding Bike Friday with me. But looking at the weather predictions, I doubt I going to ride it to/from the conference (I’m staying at a cheap motel 4 miles away). It’s just going to be too darned hot!

On the way down, I plan to do a Santa Monica/Venice Beach ride and possibly one along the LA river.

During the week, since I’m a VERY early riser, I’ll be riding 5-10 miles around dawn, returning to my motel room in time to shower, drive to the conference, and arrive in time for breakfast. It’s not the ride to the conference that worries me, it’s the ride at the end of the day! It’ll either be way too hot, or if waited long enough for a bit of cooling, way to late!

So to @zafumatt I say: Hat’s off to you if you actually ride in the heat of the day or evening! I prefer not to stress my body that much! Also: I’ll consider you as having “chimed in” - thus earning priority in available automobile space for this dinner. You can still choose to not attend, or attend and ride. My “priority” list will be used only if more people show up wanting to ride then we have space for!


I will gladly take a ride if one is available. I am also planning on pedaling around in the early a.m.


I’m squeezing in a visit with some family in Santa Monica and meeting up with @liamk887 there before heading over to PS. So, if we make it in time, there’s potentially the two of us and some space in car I’ll have.


Final update from me. After posting this I’ll be off to work then beginning my trip to Bootcamp!

People with “Priority” for available car space:

sjdorst, colin, slbaumgartner, jvleearchitects, junior, geo, eneroth3, zafumatt, cotty

That’s 9 people in the two definite cars with a total of 12 spaces.

Additional possible cars:

RTCool and liamk887 - can add another 2 (?)
mb1cpa+1 - can add another 2

Best case is if everyone makes it, we’ll have 4 cars with ~ 20 spaces and 13 people with “priority”.

Worst case is if neither of the extra car drivers make it, will have 2 cars with 12 spaces and at least 3 spaces for people who just show up.

This post will be the definitive list for priority (unless someone shows me I missed someone from this thread or its antecedent!).

See y’all at 18:30 Sunday at the conference registration area!

Final word to people who haven’t chimed in: We’ll have at least 3 spaces for you - potentially more. So come on down! If too many show up, it won’t cost much if you share an Uber!


Hey all - I’ll be getting to town too late on Sunday night to join you for dinner, but am looking forward to meeting you all face-to-face while at Basecamp!