How to get from the airport?


That would be great. I’m in for it. Now we need to find a way to contact Uber :telephone_receiver:


Would it be ok if we start a spreadsheet (forum name, arrival time)? Then it’s easier to find groups of people for ride sharing.

I set up a spread sheet:

SketchUp BaseCamp 2018 Ride Sharing

Interested people can private-message others for further organisation.


The spreadsheet appears to be read only.


Fixed it!



Do you mind if I add a column for flight? Could be fun to meet up on the previous airport already if you are on the same flight.


Yes, do so!


I renamed a column and added a column. Won’t affect a lot of people perhaps, but I put in my first flight as well as the one that gets me to PSP.


I have been editing again. I put in seat numbers too, so that if you fail to recognize someone boarding your flight you can pop over and say hi when on the plane.


@DaveR (and @Geo), is that date correct, Sunday, Sept. 23. George mentions Sept. 22 with the same flight number.

(edit: George on Sept. 23 and Dave on Sept. 22 !)


I fly on the 22nd. It appears Geo flies on the 23rd… That flight number gets used every day for the same flight; Denver to Palm Springs. Coincidence I suppose.


It’s “a shame” you guys don’t travel together.


It looks like the plane is one minute faster on Sundays.


It’s OK. Geo snores and he’d keep me awake. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tailwind. :smiley:


Some of the prayers from American churchgoers may travel through the plane, giving it an extra push :stuck_out_tongue: .


Or is it that Dave is preaching ‘Follow Me’.


I think it’s that Geo is so excited to get there that he’s volunteered to pedal which will increase the speed of his flight slightly. He weighs less than I do, too, so he doesn’t have as much lard to slow the plane down. :smiley:


It could be same flight number, but different aircraft.
Some are faster than others … and a few have all window seats.
Does your ticket mention bringing goggles along @DaveR ?


I thought that was normal operating procedure. I was also told to wear a silk scarf so I don’t inhale the castor oil. On the bright side, I get to ride in the front cockpit. :smiley:

Looks like you’ll be laying down, George.


Looks like your jacket has sleeves that tie in the back Dave.


Be careful Dave so so your hat doesn’t fall off! We don’t want to walk all the way back to look for it!