Travel from DIA to basecamp and back

Hi all

I’m having some troubles going from and to the airport. I arrive at Denver International 2016-06-12 17:35 and depart 2016-06-16 10:45. I had planned to use the Go Alpine shuttle bus but when I visit their website the only bus I can find to the conference leaves at 21:00 and reaches the hotel 01:25 which is a bit late. On the way back home I can’t even find a shuttle but only something called a “Private Vehicle”. I’m not sure if this is like a rental car or a cab and I don’t have a driver’s license myself.

Does anyone know how I can get to the conference and back? Perhaps anyone traveling around the same time who wants to share a car?

I live in Littleton so did quick check on DIA shuttle to Steam Boat. SKI season will be done schedules are sparse. One thing stood out to me : Some of the shuttle pick up and drop off points are not very close to air ports. So if you are using them do not forget about that. I would not want to have my daughter standing around at 10 pm waiting on ride at like I70 and Youngsfieild like one noted.
I would suggest you call Mark and see if they are helping to coordinate ride shares. IMHO they should

Thanks for the reply.

I messaged Mark but haven’t gotten any answer and thought he might be away (or perhaps I found the wrong Mark).

Does anyone know anyone else to contact?

just ping a few…

@Marc, @tt_su, @Barry, @Tommy

someone must be around…


@Josh - Do you know more about the Alpine shuttle to and from Basecamp that could help out @eneroth3?

I doubled checked the Alpine Web site again and found I mis-read their pick up info. This is what is shown :slightly_smiling:It is approximately 180 miles (290 kilometers) from Denver to Steamboat Springs. The drive time is generally 4 to 4.5 hours, depending upon traffic, road, and weather conditions. Because of this we (AKA Alpine) cannot be responsible for missed flights. DIA recommends arriving at the airport at least 90 minutes prior to domestic departures, and 2 hours prior to international departures. We(Alpine) recommend scheduling your departure from Steamboat Springs at least 6 hours prior to your flight’s departure time, especially on Sunday afternoons during the Winter & Summer seasons - very heavy traffic…

DIA Arrival Information: Meet our shuttle at DIA on the EAST side of the Baggage Claim Level (Level 5), Door 513, Island 1 (Mountain Carrier) or Island 3.

Departure Information: Pick-up times at your lodging in Steamboat begins 50 minutes prior to scheduled shuttle departure time. Times are based on location and will be pre-determined when you make your reservation.


I was just about to reply with that information… thanks for sharing!

@eneroth3 – Please let us know if you have any further questions about traveling to/from 3D Basecamp.

Hi @eneroth3 or anyone reading this too. If you’re still willing to share a rental car I’m willing to drive it and share the cost equally. I’m traveling the same days and more or less the same times as you

Hi @eneroth3, my sister and I will be arriving June 9th, but my flight leaves Denver on June 16th at 10-something AM. I would be happy to have you drive back to Denver with us. We haven’t decided if we want to stay Wednesday night in Steamboat and leave at 5am Thursday to get to Denver on time, or if we want to drive to Denver Wednesday night and stay in a hotel there so that we can sleep in a little bit more on Thursday. I’m flexible on that point, and my sister is the flexible sort as well.

@pyroluna, you are welcome to join us, if you and @eneroth3 can both find a ride to Denver.

I created a Google Sheet with two categories: people offering rides to/from Denver, and people wanting rides, divided up into time slots, so that people can add their profile links and start to match up efficiently.

I made this publicly editable, so everyone please be careful about your edits. Add a new row if you need more room, and reorganize it if you have a better idea for it.

What do you think? Is this helpful? Would it be more helpful in another format? Here is a direct link to open this sheet externally:

Google Sheets Rideshare Denver to Basecamp and back 2016

@katyakean, it looks as we are going back to the airport at the same time. I’d be happy to share a ride!

@pyroluna, we’re going to the basecamp at the same time so if you drive I’d be happy to share the car.

I just noticed @pyroluna might be going in the morning the 16th instead of afternoon or evening the 15th. I’d also be happy to travel with @JohnE back to Denver.

@eneroth3 My flight leaves Thursday morning at 10:18am. I can drive into Denver Wed night and stay in a hotel. I would be happy to share the ride!

Excellent! Looking forward to meeting you.

Arriving 17:35 on 9th @ DEN - room for 3 for sure, maybe 4 depending upon rental company :wink:

@eneroth3 since there are plenty of people going back from basecamp to DIA on Wednesday and Thursday, I didn’t feel like renting a car for just one way. I found a ride from DIA on Sunday with Luke Grimm through the basecamp app - want to come along too?

Heading back to DEN lunchtime/early afternoon on 16th to arrive by 5:00pm at airport. Can take 3 or 4 passengers depending upon YTBD rental.

Pyroluna: Count me in! :slight_smile:

Please let me know when it’s confirmed there’s space for me too in the car.

Hi Christina @eneroth3 it’s confirmed! I’ll send you a private message with details.