When are you leaving home?

Just curious on travel times/methods. I anticipate that it will be interesting see how far people are travelling and how much time is eaten in travel.

I’ll start with myself:

I’m leaving home (San Francisco Bay Area) early tomorrow (Thursday) morning. And I’m driving! I’m planning (hoping) on stopping Thursday night somewhere East of Salt Lake City to sleep in a cheap motel. Hoping to arrive on Friday by 1 or 2 PM. Note that I’m camping at the KOA at one end of the free city shuttle - Boot/Basecamp is on the other end of that shuttle line!

It should be 15-16 hours of driving total assuming no traffic delays.

Leaving this afternoon. Short drive to Des Moines, over night, see friends, Stop in western Nebraska to see friends and arrive Friday

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I’m leaving home on Saturday morning and arriving at Denver Saturaday night. I’ve got to work until friday. :smiley:
*I leave from London.

Jealous - that you live in London!

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Heading straight to Hayden Airport on Sunday from Toronto, with a small layover in Denver. Should be a fun time! Never been to Colorado.

I’m leaving on Sunday. For me it only takes a day to travel, but the day is 8 hours longer than usual due to the time difference between Sweden and Colorado :stuck_out_tongue: .


Headed west in about an hour!