How to get from the airport?


Well I am flight 1 of 2 down, hurtling across London to the pub before it closes, and then the long haul tomorrow!


anyone landing in San Diego for the 3 day conference?


Say hi to London from me. I miss that place!


Started packing!!

#Sock rate is going up!, #whattowear, #Basecamp, etc

The Design8 support team will arrive monday evening!

#excited #fun #3D4All


Half way there. Sitting in Denver airport waiting for my flight. Anyone else going via United this morning?


I missed my flight from London…

waiting 24hrs for the next…





Do You Need a Ride From PSP to Basecamp?

I can take two Basecampers from PSP to the Marriott on the 23rd Sunday afternoon.
My rental car pickup time is 1:30 pm at Hertz PSP.

UPDATE: All seats are filled.

More ways to contact me here…


Finally in my hotel by Santa Monica Pier … after 2 hours in the immigration line…grrr

But I have a Guinness so life could be worse.

See most of you tomorrow!


Only 2 hours, you lucky lucky ■■■■■■■.


I’m in Palm Desert… If anyone needs me to pick him up from PSP airport you can call me.
If anyone got here, and want to hang out, can also call me. :slight_smile:


My Boston flight was just delayed 90 mins with no possible connection at phx, so they rebooked me via Dallas on AA2709. Anybody else getting in around 6?


Marvelous. I hope this flight works out. Have a good flight.