How do I import a Sketchup File into 3DSmax?

Hey guys, I just started using SketchUp and finished a model in it, I now have to import it into 3DSmax but when I try to import it I get an error message in Max…

Does anyone know how to import into Max?


Which file format you try and error you get in 3Ds Max?

You can try exporting COLLADA (.dae), 3D Studio (.3ds), .fbx or .obj file types and see how it goes into 3ds Max. Note that these file types are SketchUp Pro features except COLLADA. Check this: Using SketchUp Data with Other Modeling Programs or Tools.

And sadly .3ds help page still missing:

I got it working, thanks

Please explain how you got it working for people who are searching this issue in the future.

I saved it as a V8 file, apparently that’s the only way to open it in 3ds max

Hi @filibis could I ask for your help on this other topic, still related to this topic?

I am having a major issue with exporting my skp. file to 3DS Max and having many errors as listed in the post but I have yet to find out to fix it.

Problem with models imported into 3DS Max

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