'Importing and Exporting 3DS Files' help page is missing

Continuing the discussion from 3ds imports without textures:

There are some issues happening with .3ds file imports and their textures. Click to see some of those unsolved topics

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"Could not create texture materials"

This guy below seems to have solved but didn’t share his experiences…

Trouble applying colors/textures to imports (.3DS, etc.) SOLVED

Importing 3ds file loses all textures

And when i was researching about it, i’ve realised “Importing and Exporting 3DS Files” page is missing at the Help Center. It is supposed to be in https://help.sketchup.com/en/article/3000169 (as seen in below image) but it redirects me to here: Importing and Exporting Image Files | SketchUp Help which has nothing to do with .3ds files.

So, i think we need an article at Help Center demonstrating the import and export features of .3ds files (with even tips & tricks maybe).

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