Grab an update to SketchUp 2021 today

Hi everybody,

Yesterday afternoon, we released an early year update to SketchUp 2021. We are hoping to address a top reported issue we’ve been tracking since this version was released, and we’ve included a handful of other fixes and improvements as well. Here the release notes for this update. If you have already installed SketchUp 2021, you can install this update from within SketchUp (using ‘Check for Update’) or by redownloading.

Notably, we are including an improvement to the performance of LayOut viewport inferencing. This should affect the responsiveness of transforming entities and manipulating dimensions, labels, and other vector graphics on viewports. If you use LayOut regularly, we definitely encourage you to update!

We hope this bit of good SketchUp news finds you well. Happy sketching!



This may be what I was waiting for, having resisted updating to either Big Sur or SU2021 until glitches were ironed out!

I am very excited at the idea that Layout performance has been improved (so badly needed). Even if it has not gone “all the way”, just the fact that it is being addressed is mighty reassuring.

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Thank you. If this is an update, should it not be shown as 2021.1 or something that at least identifies it as an update at first glance?

+++ EDIT +++

I see the download file name refers to 2021-0-1 which I suppose is an indicator to a newer version, but it is only discernable once the download is selected.