Sketchup 2021 Section Fill Bug?

Hello there,

I’m using SU2021 and the SECTION FILL is present when the objects are turned off.

I’ve just noticed that it works okay if I turn off each INDIVIDUAL TAG, but not if I use the GROUP TAG.

Is this a bug?

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This is indeed a bug which I reported during the last stage of the beta testing.
But they didn’t had the time to fix this bug before release,

Right. Thank you.

Tag Groups have been my number one gripe/request for years. So this was a huge moment and the thing that made me upgrade to 2021.

So, really keen to see it solved. Hopefully soon.

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Yes, this bug is definitely on our radar! We were pretty bummed to discover it very late in our beta process. Hopefully, filtering helps you zero in on a loose end like this pretty quick, but we understand that’s a poor man’s workaround.

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Please explain how ‘filtering’ can workaround this problem.

It’s certainly not a fix – we’re working on that – but it should be pretty quick to filter for the additional tag(s) you need to hide, relative to expanding all tag folders and scanning for individual tags.

So, will this only be integrated into a .x update?

I’m pleased to report this has been fixed in an update to SketchUp 2021 that is now available. Apologies for the inconvenience!