Repeated crashing with Mac SketchUp 2021

This is a nice workaround indeed, but, in order to have display 1 and 2 I need to create a separate space, another virtual desktop.

Which of the two screens owns the menubar in Display settings?

The main one (the external display), I set it up in system preferences

Does saving the viewport in [menu]SketchUp > Preferences > Workspace change anything?

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The simplest solution if often the better one :slight_smile:
Saving workspace worked. Didn’t remember SketchUp had it inside preferences.

Thank you!

The Mac version that should not lead to crashing has been posted. It’s version 2021.0.1

Some other fixes were added too, and the release notes are here:

Note that if you use the 2021.0 Check for Update, you should be given a Download and Install button without having to go to the downloads page.

Here is the general announcement post for the update:

hi, I have tried i think everything, and even with the update it s still crashing and I cannot open SU,
iMac, 10.15.7 , 27 inches, end 2013, 3,5Ghz, 32G memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M 2 Go. I was the same before catalina.

i m obliged to work with my MB air OS10.14.6 13 inches screen, not easy for working! (with this one it was crashing also at the begining but solved with deleting the PLIST file.)
pleas help me,
thx for feed back

I am aware of ways to get an Nvidia Mac working on a later Mac OS than 10.12, but maybe there are side effects?

I see that at the end of December you asked your distributor for help, but I don’t see a follow up to that. I will try to find out what is going on with your case.

Am I the only one who’s still experiencing the crash with the new version too?

thanks for your feedback,
I would try anything, and I didn t know that was problems with nvidia i was working with that eMac with SU pro 2015 / make 2017/ pro 2020 trial …
in december they just told that they didn t know what to do and maybe trying with SU2020, but it s not an option when i just subscribe to the 2021 pro plan
thanks again

I hope that you are. What actions do you do that then leads to a crash?

Always the same: press B on keyboard to open color selector, than as soon as I click on the material button SketchUp crashes.

In order to solve I have to launch SketchUp from Terminal, press B, this time it already opens in the material tab, put it on the color tab, close SketchUp and launch it again as a normal app.
But, as soon as I try to use a material the crash loop occurs again.

Something I have wondered about is whether the SketchUp 2021 folder in Applications has some additional files in there. I’ve noticed that the folder size changes as you use SketchUp for the first time.

So, make sure you have the new DMG mounted, delete the current SketchUp 2021 folder in Applications, then copy the new folder to Applications. Eject the disk image after doing the copy, then open SketchUp from inside the Applications/SketchUp 2021 folder. Don’t trust any Dock or Desktop aliases.


It worked! :grinning:

That’s good news! Did you notice if when you opened SketchUp that there was only one blue SketchUp icon in the Dock, or were there two?

Don’t forget to empty trash at some point.

This is what happened, my fault: yesterday night (here in Italy) I downloaded the update, much likely tried it from the .dmg, and went to sleep.
Today I was sure to had sketchup updated but the crash occurred again and I replied here.
After re-downloading (useless passage) and copying the updated SketchUp in Applications everything works!

Now a little feedback for the next one: please, make SketchUp Big Sur icon less big:
Schermata 2021-01-14 alle 22.28.52

Other people commented on the icon size. It ended up that big because the blue icon was on its own, and hard to see on Dark Mode desktops. It seems they didn’t want to shrink the blue icon to make space for a white backdrop, and so just made the icon bigger.

For a short period the icons looked like this:


How it looked in the Dock:


It does look like even then the icon was bigger than most.

It’s not the blue logo-icon, it’s just the white rounded square backdrop that has to be smaller.
Look at it in my previous screenshot, compare the square to Pages, Numbers, Photoshop backdrops.

While rendering I had time to make a quick comparison:

hello ,
sorry late answer, running after time…
it looks like it s works , but still workingon my macbook air for now, i ll check later,

just a question, is SU pro 2021 ok with OS M1chip?