Ever since a crash I can't open my file, failed to open document with the skp or skb

Im unable to open my skp file ever since sketchup has crashed for me, I tried changing the skb file to skp which didn’t work as well.

I have uploaded both files into a google drive

Did you use Google Drive because of the file size? If not why not upload them directly here?

This is the same issue you report and we ‘fixed’ 9 days ago…

The model’s SKP file is bloated beyond sense !
It’s a ginormous file…
It’s full of images, textures, incorrect layer/tag use, overly detailed objects brought in from the EWH.
It will open it just takes ages to load because of the bloat…
Read the other thread again…
You need to do some serious housekeeping on your model…

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Just as well I didn’t attempt a download!

yes, i have uploaded it onto drive due to the size

I have sorted most of the rooms into tags so it would hide which has made it a lot smoother than before, but I do have to fix materials and the amount of images in my work, just that since it was working fine i thought it would be ok to leave it as it wasn’t that laggy when i try to move throughout the house. I wanted my renders to look as realistic as possible so i do try to get more detailed textures for vray. My previous post was also due to me forgetting some settings i did to window for its memory so it crashed, but after fixing that was able to open as usual. this time i guess my file might be too heavy for even 16gb?

This is not an uncommon problem. I wonder whether the official tutorials and guides make clear the dangers of bloating?

I can see that newbies might think that Sketchup is a bit like a Lego set. It could appear that all you do is start with a base model and then screw in a whole load of components others have made. And that would be fair enough if hardware and software were designed to cope with enormous files.

There is plenty of unofficial advice about this kind of thing, such as here: 5 Ways to Speed Up Your SketchUp Models - The SketchUp Essentials

i have seen this tutorial which i have followed besides ‘smart models’ since i wanted my objects to look realistic on shelf .etc, when being rendered into vray. By following those it has made it smoother, along with learning about purging which has removed about 100mb of bloat from when i first started

Well, okay, but for me a 100Mb file would be truly enormous. And that is just what you have purged from yours!

@TIG is a hugely experienced user and is a respected writer of extensions so he is worth listening to.

I can understand wanting to achieve realism but you also have to work within the limitations imposed both by the software and (maybe even more so) the power of your computer.

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I do agree, and I found his explanation very helpful along with DaveR in my previous post when it didn’t work. Just that I have seen ppl work with files that are 1gb and assume that my pc which is mid-spec i think, would be able to handle it (ryzen 5 2600 along with 16gb of ram and a zotac gtx 1070). Is it possible to have a realistic render and decorated house at around 100mb?

I am going to get out of my depth technically trying to advise further, but…

I believe it is not just the size of the file but things like the number of edges. Image files may also have a disproportionate effect.

It’s worth remembering that SU does not make use of multiple threaded processors like render engines have to. SU was developed to enable it to work on relatively low end kit to give it wide appeal, but that necessarily involves compromises.

It may be that if you are determined to shoot for high realism, it may be that SU is not the best tool for the job. Maybe you should look at something like Blender, say (now I really am floundering!).

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This thread might be useful if you haven’t seen it: Have I reached the limits of Sketchup? - #5 by NewThinking2


i’ll give it a read, thank you :slight_smile: so far the only way i can access my file again to fix on the problems is by using transmutr but that made the file 1+gb and got to group all the tags again as it brought it to an older version of sketchup

Hopefully, someone will come along with the will and inclination to try opening your file. They might then be able to reduce the file size for you and return it in a form you can open.

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hopefully, but for now i guess i’ll just see what i can work on with the current file i was able to get with transmutr.

I went through this with you before.

As TIG indicates, your file is bloated beyond reason.

Incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 8_12_2021 , 7_30_56 AM

Looking at the list of tags which appears to be in at least three different languages it looks like you didn’t take my previous advice to import components into a separate file and clean them up before adding them to your project file.

Still plenty of stuff to purge.
Screenshot - 8_12_2021 , 7_33_43 AM

I ran purge a second time.
Screenshot - 8_12_2021 , 7_54_46 AM

That reduced file size by almost 25%.

There are a number of quite heavy components that you’ve collected from the 3D Warehouse or somewhere. They don’t need to be anywhere close to as detailed as they are for the way you are using them. If you simplify them you could further reduce the file size.

Lots of junk left out in the yard that could be removed. And loads of incorrectly oriented faces.

You still have your model located away from the model origin. I mentioned that to you before, too.

Edit to add: I started running CleanUp3. This is the status after just more than 1 hour.
Screenshot - 8_12_2021 , 9_03_15 AM


FWIW after more than two hours:
Screenshot - 8_12_2021 , 10_17_56 AM

Not sure how long I can afford to leave this running.

If you were cleaning up the components as you download them and before you add them to your projects, there’d be no need for this.


CleanUp3 finally completed.
Screenshot - 8_12_2021 , 11_46_59 AM

File size was reduced by about 64% it’s now about one-third the size of the file you uploaded. It could stand to have more clean up done but that would have to be done manually.


Thank you so much for spending the time to help out, im thankful that ur helping me still. I did some manual checking on the materials and I have been able to sort them to the ones I need to see what is using it and the ones I’m pretty sure I don’t need which both adds up to a 100mb. Even found a questionable material which I’m not even sure where it has been placed…

I will be moving the model close to the origin and remove the unneeded materials which I see most came from the kitchen model I took from. As for the materials that I’m not too sure on what’s being used, gonna have to check each item manually, but just sorting out the ones I’m not using is about 40mb.

I hope its not rude of me, but do u mind sharing the file since im not able to access it besides by using transmutr which has removed some stuff like tags.