Sketchup failed to open document error


A few days ago I made changes to an existing file, gave it a new name, saved it, all as normal. When I tried to open it today I receive the error message ‘Failed to Open Document’. I’m running SketchUp 2021 with latest V-ray.

Tried to find a solution but nothing current and I didn’t have time to muck around looking for more, so spent the last 4 hours making the same changes. Deleted unused components, ran a clean up (both SketchUp Purge function and CleanUp3. Saved it (again with a different name, and have a back up) etc. All seemed fine and was time to render… but… The Vray asset editor would open so I restarted SketchUp.

And it happened again! This is insane. I’ve done the following:

  • Renamed the files - still same error
  • Moved the files to another drive and renamed them - still same error
  • Tried opening the SKB file - still same error
  • Tried importing both SKP and SKB files into a new file. This causes a bug splat crash
  • So far its only happening on this file

Does anyone have any other ideas? Please help. I can’t face making these changes again only to have the same error message.


I’m having the exact same issue. Did you find a fix?

I’m not sure why nobody replied to the message in November. Do you have a file you can upload somewhere for me to try?

I had the same issue but no error message and no “Bug Splat”. When opening the file, the model would appear but prior to populating the toolbars, the file just closed. This would occur at irregular intervals and I could not find a cause.

I updated Windows and my Nvidia driver. That appears to have solved the issue.

Yes, finally got a resolution. It happens when files are very large and SketchUp 2021 freaks out. Doing the latest software upgrade fixes the issue. Needs to be updated to version 21.0.391. Refer their release notes SketchUp Desktop 2021.0.1 | SketchUp Help " * Fixed an issue that would prevent certain large files from being opened when saved in SketchUp 2021.". Running this upgrade fixed the issue for me.

Also, I’m now using proxy files via V-ray for my large elements and this has improved the workflow of the files. If you use V-ray this tutorial is helpful Proxy workflow.mp4 - Google Drive.

Hope this helps.


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this is mine, please check it if you can. I wasn’t able to upload the file here.