Help me Pleaseeee! Sketchup failed to open document error


Yesterday I made changes to an existing file, gave it a new name, saved it, all as normal. When I tried to open it today I receive the error message ‘Failed to Open Document’. I’m running SketchUp 2021 with Enscape 3.1 version.

Tried to find a solution but nothing current and I didn’t have time to muck around looking for more, so spent the last 4 hours making the same changes. Deleted unused components, ran a clean up (both SketchUp Purge function and CleanUp3. Saved it (again with a different name, and have a back up) etc…

And it happened again! This is insane. I’ve done the following:

Renamed the file - still same error
Moved the file to another drive and renamed them - still same error
Tried importing SKP file into a new file. This causes a bug splat crash
So far its only happening on this file

Does anyone have any other ideas? Please help. I can’t face making these changes again only to have the same error message.
File → NT q23-22- NHA PHO 2 TANG-TRAN BA- HUYEN TRAN 1.skp - Google Drive
Many Thanks.

It opened for me without any real problem. I see you’ve got a whole lot of needlessly large texture images in the model. I suspect your computer is choking on them. You really need to go edit the components you add from the 3D Warehouse. Do you really need a hi res texture image of the Netflix logo or the garlic olive oil label? Do those materials really add anything to the story you are trying to tell with your model? The materials aren’t the only problem. You also seem to have a bunch of components that are more detailed than they need to be.

I reduced the excessively large texture images. It didn’t change the file size all that much but maybe you can get this file to open. Before you proceed to do anything else with it, clean it up so you don’t create this problem for yourself again.

I’ll reply with a link to the file once it has uploaded.

BTW, don’t double post. That creates confusion and it’s against forum rules.


Here’s a link to the file:

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I will learn from experience. Thanks for your help. :smiley: