Can't seem to access my skp file, the file closes sketchup and gets an error report

Since i upgraded a hardware in my pc (added an ssd) i couldn’t open a file i was working on. When i try to open the file it would just crash the program. I downloaded a random object from 3dwarehouse and had no problem with that.

home design 2nd floor.skp I have upload the file to google docs (if someone is able to open it, pls dont judge :sweat_smile: i know i made a newbie mistake with the design)

I will open for me, although it does take along time !
If you purge the SKP of unneeded stuff it is a little smaller… although it removes lots of stuff.
I think the bloat results from imported images, heavy textures and over detailed 3dWH objects [furniture, cushions etc]…
If you ever get it open/saved try some sensible editing and purging, then put heavy furniture on its own tags/layer to switch off and ease the load…

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Like TIG, I am able to open your file although it takes a little while due to the bloat.

I fixed the incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 8_3_2021 , 11_54_20 AM

And purged unused stuff.
Screenshot - 8_3_2021 , 11_56_23 AM

It’s still slow to respond due to those groups with the images surrounding the house and a whole lot of overly detailed components…

Why is your model more than 4 Km from the origin? Generaally it is best to keep the model closer to the origin.


I was trying out some stuff since I’m still new to designing and using SketchUp :sweat_smile: thanks for the tips tho, I’ll make the images closer to the origin. Glad to know that the file still works, seems like it is just my pc that’s bugging out (been crashing on other stuffs too since I upgraded so I have been troubleshooting on that) also pls don’t mind the bad design of the walls .etc since while learning I forgot to account for the depth of the wall (which I know is really important) but for what I was doing I think it’s alright for now.

It would probably be better to work on smaller projects–just one room or part of a room–while you are learning. Remember if you try components from the 3DWH and then delete them you need to purge the unused components and then the unused materials. Deleting a bed component from the bedroom doesn’t remove it from the file. It’s like taking the bed out of your bedroom and leaving it in the garage. If you don’t need the stuff outside the house delete it and purge the model file again.

You should concentrate on learning to use groups and components and getting face orientation correct.

By the way, the purging I did reduced the file size by more than 20%. There’s plenty more that can be done to reduce the file size.

This is some of the materials in your model. There are a huge number of duplicates and many that just don’t add anything beneficial to the model. Cleaning this up would also be a big help.

One thing you should get into the habit of is downloading components from the 3DWH into a separate file to clean and otherwise prepare them to use in your project. Only after you’ve done that add it into the project file.

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Thanks a lot for the detailed tips, really appreciate it. I had tried designing my room a while back and thought it was ok, but when it was time to start turning my house into SketchUp I didn’t account for the width of the walls since I only looked at what’s inside of the room at first.