Not responding when opening skp file pls help!

I think I used too much components from 3D Warehouse allowing for a large skp file, i cant even open my file anymore. Its always not responding right from the start. Please help my deadline for this is very near

Share the .skp file with us so we can see what you’ve got and help you out. If it’s a large file like you say, upload it to Drop Box of Google Drive and share the link.

here is the link, im pretty sure the tree components are whats causing the problem

Probably trees and other intense geometry. Also a case of not purging unused stuff from the file.

Screenshot - 3_21_2021 , 2_35_26 PM

It’s slow on my computer, too.

Is this a thing for a class or for a client? If the trees get removed will that be a problem?

Are you using Sketchup Free (Web) as your profile or are you using SketchUp 2020 Pro?

its just for class, if you are able to open the file, can u pls just turn off the TREES layer then send the file back to me? or u maybe just delete it all the trees THANK U SO MUCH

Which version of SketchUp are you really using?

sketchup 2020

OK. I’ll get you a link as soon as I can. Maybe you could fix your profile while you’re waiting. It’s confusing as it is.

sorry i got confused too, i just made this account for this problem specifically. THANK U

Have some patience. It’s really dragging my computer down.

There ought to be a law that says students and other new SketchUp users aren’t allowed to use 3D trees and plants. That seems to get them in trouble more often than not. :wink:

It would still be helpful if you have correct information in your profile.

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Ok sir I will try to fix my profile as soon as I pass all my requirements im just really freaking out right now sorry

Well, now it’s crashed two different computers and I can’t get it to open on either one of them. Maybe @colin can get it, delete the trees and the unused stuff in the model and upload it for you.

the file has been deleted

The model is extremely demanding, with the tree being one thing to blame. On its own it’s 1.7 million edges. I replaced it with a simpler version, that is 118k edges.

There are still other things in there that are making the file be big and demanding, but here is a 66 MB SketchUp 2017 format file:

and a 25 MB 2021 format file:

I fear though that OP has deleted his account.

Edit: He’s back. I may have checked at the time he was editing his profile.

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