SketchUp Not Responding When Opening A File

Hi, When I try and open my SketchUp file it will immediately go to not responding and will not load (no matter how long I leave it). Initially I thought it might be because the file is to large(170mb) but I have a similar file of the same size that opens fine. I’m using V-Ray materials and transferred the file from another computer to mine, because it wouldn’t be able to find the materials could this cause the problem? However I can’t check this as I cant open the model and have no way to redo the materials.

Hope you guys can help, Thanks!

Most likely that is causing it to hang up.

Thanks, Is there anyway to get around it?

Since you can’t do anything with the SKP file unless you open it and you can’t open it, I doubt there’s a fix short of going back to the other computer. Probably you would need to remove the Vray materials from the model before saving it and sending it to your other computer.

Yeah I think that is what I’ll have to do, just annoying because I wanted to work on the project over the weekend and its from my work computer. Thanks for your help!

Import the model into a new file with a simple template and sort out the materials from there…