Sketchup failed to open document!

Hello, when I try to open the model I’m working on today after a few hours, it gives the attached opening error. How can we get this model back without losing it?
File link: Yeni Amerikan.skp - Google Drive

It opens for me, albeit slowly. You have managed to stuff more than 11 million edges and almost 7 million faces in a single small house or apartment. Quite a record. Purging the file takes more than half of the file size away but it remains massive and won’t get any more responsive from that. Don’t even try opening this directly from the cloud or a cloud-backed folder, if that is where you are storing it.
(warning to others, the file is almost a gigabyte!, for a model of a living room and kitchen)


I think it’s so big because of the models in it, because I’m new to this program, I don’t know how to drop polygons. I hope the file will be saved.

There are a lot of things in the model that are too detailed. Here are a couple of examples:

There are 716 rods in the model that are separate groups, and each one is made up of a 360 segment circle at each end. Those alone are over 1 million entities.

There is a curtain used a few times, which has more detail than it needs. Again, that alone is over 1 million entities.

There are about 15 groups named 3DGeom_Definition (or a variation of that name), that appear to be identical. All of those could be replaced with one component.

Did a lot of the model come from importing files from other tools? If you got most things from 3D Warehouse, then it could be the original person who made the model that made things be too detailed.


I modeled the places where special modeling was needed, but I downloaded the other objects separately from a site with models related to sketchup. Is there a way to solve this?

Don’t know about other sites and what tools they have, but in the case of 3D Warehouse you can filter the results based on how complicated they are.

Taking curtains as an example, after searching for curtains you can play with the sliders on the left of the page, to get a model that is less complicated:


Here are two sets of curtains I found:

They do look a bit different, but if you changed the color of the second one it might do ok for showing some curtains in your scene. The first file is 19 MB, second one is 149 kilobytes, about 1/128th of the file size.


Thank you very much, from now on I will work by paying attention to the size of the models I use while modeling. Do we have a chance to recover this file, the error still persists.

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Here is a version of the file where unused items have been purged. As Anssi said, this doesn’t make the file any easier to use, but it’s less than half the size.

One thing I noticed, the file was made with an older version of SketchUp 2021. If you are still using that older version you should update to the latest 2021. It had a number of useful fixes in it.

Ohh, I don’t know how I can thank you. You saved a really important work for me. Yes, minor contractions continue, but this is no problem. I will now model based on your suggestions. Thank you very much again. Stay safe

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Same problem here file (FAILED TO OPEN) how to fix

Upload the file so @colin can look at it and try to recover it.

What version of SketchUp are you using?

I’m with the same problem. can you help me?

Projeto Area de Churrasco.skp

You have to make the file accesible.

please help me also. :frowning: please please

Sorry, it’s accessible now.

It won’t open for me, either. Maybe Colin will have success when he gets to work.

Is there an option for you to download?


I was able to download the file but I also got the Failed to Open Document message.

And this is the problem. I need to solve it, otherwise I’m going to lose a lot of work.

As I already told you, Colin might be able to do something with it when he gets in to work.

Where have you been saving the file? What operating system are you using? You put “10” in your profile but that’s not a clear answer.