Sketchup "Failed to open document"

i am unable to open the file can someone pls halep me
here is the file

~700 MB file with 90 million edges

You’re the second person to ask for help in the last two days because they can’t open their file anymore, and that’s because you made it too heavy. You have to learn not to insert everything you download from the 3D warehouse or created yourself (high poly) into your model.

One of the groups with 27 million edges

The layout of the walls is simple, probably the fastest is to start fresh from that simple model and try to insert only low-poly models for design (furniture, etc.). Use textures instead of those patterns with millions of edges.

To shrink your file dramatically while retaining the same look, you can take a screenshot of a high-poly pattern, then use that screenshot as a photo-texture and delete the original high-poly pattern.

Of course there are other, easier methods for reducing texture sizes and better ways to simplify geometry in the model.

The images @mihai.s posted look exactly like the model in another topic. Is this a double post?