Can't open my SketchUp file (Unable to open document)

I’m having an issue with SketchupPro 2021.

I was working on a model and saved it. Upon opening the file the next day an error saying “Unable to open document” popped up. I tried opening it on different computers but it still doesn’t work. All older and backup versions of the files also have the same error. Reinstalling Sketchup and updating Windows still doesn’t do anything.

Here is the said file: 13-10 pn.skp - Google Drive

Any help with this would be great.


I could open it, just by purging it the size of the file reduced almost 50%,
You have a lot of assets wit a crazy amount of geometry, the model is just a small house but the size of the file is more than 400mb after purging.
Is there a reason you need to use this curtains?

Im reducing the polygon count of some of your assets with a plugin, when i finish ill upload the file here.
By the way you should learn how to use the 3D warehouse properly, 90% of the models there are overkill for assets.

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And @francisquitof was able to open it (even if slowly). Where are you storing the file? Are you opening it directly from a cloud service or cloud-synced folder (Dropbox, Google Drive…)?

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Thank you so much, sorry for the inconvenience. Can you also give me the name of the plugin that you are using?

The files are stored in my laptop’s hard drive and I opened it from there

Here is the file, its 200mb now which is still huge for the model, I reduced the polygon count of some assets but still there are a lot of heavy ones, specially plants, also there was a lot of tags on lines and faces, those must be untagged only groups and components must be tagged. You should never download models from the 3D warehouse directly to your model, open a new file and download them there, check if they’re good for your model then copy and paste them in your main file, its not necessary to have a plant with 500000 entities, the plant on the bathroom had that amount of entities, y reduced it with the universal importer plugin and its a lot better now, try to do the same with all the assets i didn’t reduced the polygon count to, or search better ones on the 3DWH or even better, create your own assets and make them as low poly as possible.

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I guess that the file was to big to handle with his machine, It took some time on my M1 max Macbook to open it.