NEED HELP - [ERROR] Failed to Open Document

Hi everyone, I need help opening a VERY large file, I’m using skp2021 and i’m always getting the error “Failed to Open Document”


need help reducing the file size please and thank you in advance !!

If you share the file we might be able to open it and help you. Without it there’s no chance. Upload it to DropBox and share the link.

My apologies, I’ve attached the file with the hyperlink :sweat:
here’s the link: 21.11.17_SANSKARA FEEDBACK DRIVE.skp - Google Drive

It is indeed huge! I’ll see what I can do.

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Thank you so much :pray:

It’s very slow going.

I’ve fixed the incorrect tag usage …
Screenshot - 3_28_2023 , 8_52_07 AM

… and purged unused stuff although there doesn’t seem to be much unused.
Screenshot - 3_28_2023 , 9_03_33 AM

I also looked at resizing materials. Loads of excessively large texture images. Many duplicates, too. There must be a couple of dozen cactus materials that all look exactly the same. There are three materials that are identical images of an airplane where one material would do the job. Many other cases of duplicates of textures. These are the largest ones. I resized the 146 largest ones.

The file is still huge and slow. Hopefully you’ll be able to open it. You should go through all of the components and look at putting them on a diet. Or replace the overly detailed ones with much lighter ones. You also need to look at face orientation and correct the exposed back faces. For example this thing on the wall has all blue back faces out. They should be reversed.

I would consider getting rid of or replacing all the overly detailed plants on the front of the building and the roof. They are killing your model. And do you really need that giant faucet tap over there on the left?

I’ll share the link as soon as I can get the file saved and uploaded.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Hopefully I’ll be able to open the file and fix these issues

Fingers crossed. I’m still trying to get your file to perform reasonably well. It’s so overly detailed that it’s proving difficult.

A second purge of the file resulted in this:
Screenshot - 3_28_2023 , 9_53_41 AM

In order to make your file at all workable I’ve resorted to deleting some of the plants. Still working on it.

Thank you, that’s totally fine. I’ll probably still do that even after opening the file.

I deleted a bunch of plants and reduced the size of another 100 materials. I got the file size down by about a third. Still it ought to be smaller. More that needs doing.

I did remove the plants from the roof and the walls. At least the roof could use a texture to imply a thatched roof.

The style is set to Monochrom so your graphics card doesn’t have to work so hard. I didn’t remove any materials. Best to do your modeling in Monochrome so you can make sure you get face orientations correct. Back faces can be problematic in renders.

Good luck.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH I’ve finally opened the file!! You are a lifesaver :pray: :pray:

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Hey DaveR. As I can see you have solved this problem “Failed to open the document”. I am having the same problem. And it is a really important file for me. Please help me, brother.

What version of SketchUp are you really using? Your profile says 2021 Free Plan but there is no such version. Please correct your profile.

Upload the file and I’ll see what I can do.

Its sketchup pro-2021 version. DaveR please me out as it is my client’s file and i really need to work on it. My Sketchup File

Fix your profile while I see what I can do with your file.

Yes, I fixed my profile. Anything else you want me to change?

Thank you. No other changes. I have the file open but it’s very sluggish. Have patience.

Thank you, Yes it is a big model for a complete township. This whole model will be rendered in lumion as well so I cannot remove anything from it.

Hey DaveR. Hope my file will get rectified as i am scared after seeing this error.