Failed to open document skp

I’ve been working on a file for days and now that I try to open it to continue I get this error: “Failed to open document”
I already tried to open the backup .skb file, but I get the same error.
I’ve searched for the solution in several ways, and the latest version I have is from a month ago, so I would lose a large part of the progress.
If someone could work on it to get it back, I’d really appreciate it.
File —> HOME.skp - Google Drive

I expect your computer just isn’t up to opening a 949 Mb file. It did open for me. First thing I noticed is incorrect tag usage. Untagged should always be active.
Screenshot - 11_17_2022 , 9_48_21 AM

I fixed the incorrectly tagged edges and faces.
Screenshot - 11_17_2022 , 9_49_33 AM

Then I purged unused stuff from the model. There’s a lot of unused stuff.
Screenshot - 11_17_2022 , 9_52_22 AM

There are a number of excessively large texture images that contribute to the file size and make your graphics card work harder. Example: there’s a texture image applied to a shoelave that is 4096x4096 pixels. Unless your model is about the shoelace, it doesn’t even need a texture. A simple color would suffice. There’s another texture that is 8286x10630. That’s extremely large for the benefit of having it in the model.

After all that cleanup I have reduced the file size by 38%. It’s still excessively large due to some overly detailed components and groups in the model. I’ll leave you to fix those.

I’ll upload it somewhere so you can get the file. Back shortly with the link.

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I think you’re right, I’d noticed the file it’s too large, but other files hadn’t given me a problem. But it must be what you say and thanks for correcting me.
Also thanks for helping me, I hope I can open the new document when you come back with the link

Allso note there are some exposed reversed faces which will cause you problems if you plan to use a renderer. You sould correct them.

Here is the link to the file: Dropbox - HOME purged.skp - Simplify your life

Oh goshhh… Well, thanks for noticing. I’ll solve it so I don’t have problems later.
Thank you! thank you so much!!

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You’re quite welcome. Make sure you look at all the furniture and fixtures in the model for reversed faces, too.

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My first reaction was “wow! that file is enormous at almost 1GB”, I bet it is loaded up with over-detailed entourage objects from the 3D Warehouse and bloated with unused components. Bingo: that’s exactly what @DaveR found.

I too can open the file, but it takes a very long time due to the bloat. Once opened, it orbits and pans normally, but many other operations are sluggish.


I looked at Dave’s file, and 447 materials were bigger than 512 pixels across. I’m sure most of them would be fine at 128 or 256 across, but I did a test where I reduced all of those big materials to be 512 across. That made the file be about 80 MB smaller than Dave’s one.

I turned off Profiles as well, to make it perform better.

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What is the extension that resamples textures within a model? Is it TIG:s?