Help! "Failed to Open Document" error!

Please help, my .skp file was saved over a network connection and I think the connection dropped at some point during my final save yesterday. The program froze and now when I try to reopen the file I’m receiving the “Failed to Open Document” error. Looking through the posts, seems like I’m not the only one who has had this issue.

Can someone please take a look, or recommend how I can fix this? SKP and SKB file links below (active for 7 days)

Thank you SO much!

Failed to Open Document .skp file
Failed to Open Document .skb file

The .skp file appears to be nearly half filled with zeroes. I was able to open the .skb file, though.

It’s got a lot of unused styles and materials which I purged.
Screenshot - 2_23_2024 , 8_41_22 AM

I do see a lot of incorrect tag usage but I left that alone.

Typicals_2024-02-02skb.skp (1.4 MB)

Do not work on files directly saved to a network or cloud location. Save the on the internal drive and sync them back to the network folder. That will help you prevent issues like this when connections get dropped.

Thank you Dave, yes lesson learned with working off a network location!
So what does it mean the .skp file is nearly half filled with zeroes - just that its corrupted?

And thanks for the purging. I was definitely not finished with cleaning it up or tagging.

Appreciate it!

Yes. It means data that should have gotten written during a save didn’t.

You’re welcome. Best practice is to purge unused stuff regularly as it helps to keep the file size down and save times shorter. (Still, only work on the file when it is saved to your local, internal drive. When you’re finished working on it for the time being, save it and then copy it to the network drive.)

Best is to tag groups and components. Leave edges and faces untagged.

Thank you!!

@DaveR hi Dave. Can you fix my file? It has an error and I can’t open the document

Pls help !!!

It opens in SketchUp 2023. Time for you to upgrade.

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Phew, more than 19 million entities in a single apartment. 75 times my largest model (a largish art museum). Time to learn about modelling light. As Dave said, it opens OK in v.2023. The file format is the same, so I don’t know why you cannot opoen it.

Please Help, sketchup file shows ‘Failed to open document’ in sketchup 2021 and then 2023 also.
very very imortant File can reply through mail also:
Dropbox - adhyaru.skb.skp - Simplify your life

There are some issues with the 2021 crack version, is that what you were using to create this?