NEED HELP - [ERROR] Failed to Open Document

I told you to be patient. You let your file get out of control and it’s very slow to work with.

I did my usual cleanup. I did not remove anything from the model that is being used. That said, there is a lot of incorrect tag usage in the model. Probably mostly due to import CAD linework but also clearly not all.
Screenshot - 8_14_2023 , 8_11_01 AM

I also purged unused stuff from the model. You are hoarding a lot of components and materials that aren’t needed.
Screenshot - 8_14_2023 , 8_16_10 AM

Of the materials that are being used there are some ridiculously huge texture images. Even for a model destined to be rendered there’s no need for texture images to be so large.

If you’re going to render this model you should fix the incorrect face orientation. You should fix that even if you aren’t going to render the model. There should be no visible blue back faces.

I have not removed the materials in the model. I just set the Face Style to Monochrome so you can see the faces that need correcting.

BTW, if you don’t need the import CAD linework anymore, delete it from the model and purge unused stuff. Or if you don’t need all of it, remove the geometry that isn’t needed to simplify your model. I would also suggest that you comb through the objects in the model to see what you can clean up and reduce.Things like this screen around the door could probably be done with a texture image and that would reduce the load.

Here’s the link to the file. It’s still a huge file but hopefully your computer will be able to manage it. I’ll leave it for two hours and then I need to clear it out.

I really can’t thank you enough for your effort DaveR. You are great! Many thanks to you.
You saved me

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Hey DaveR, I am still getting the same error i.e “failed to open the document”

Something with your computer, then. It opens for me. I’ll save it back to a 2020 file and see if that works. It’ll take a little bit.

Where are you storing the file? If you are opening it directly from cloud storage like Dropbox or a network drive, the error could result from a too slow connection, and you could try downloading it to your computer and trying from a local folder.

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I’m uploading a 2020 version of the file. It’s almost 1.5 Gb though. Absolutely ridiculous file size for what it is. Even as a 2023/2022/2021 file it’s ridiculously large. Can I delete the CAD line work from the file so we can see if you can open it?

Edit: I canceled the upload of the 2020 version file. I would have to purchase more storage space to be able to upload it. I can’t justify that when I’m doing this as an unpaid volunteer.

I deleted the CAD linework and purged unused stuff again. It’s still a huge file but maybe you can open this one. I’ll add a link when it’s finished opening.

yes you can delete

hey Anssi. I am storing it in local folder by downloading it first.

Alright. See if this works for you.

okay let me check

It is still same brother

Try installing SketchUp 2023 and see if you can open it with that. Otherwise I will have to try deleting more content. I don’t have time to do that right now, though. I have paying work I need to do.

okay thank you so much for your efforts. I will try to install the 2023 version.