Failed to Open Document Error please help!

Hey! can someone help me. When I tried opening the model I receive an error message “Failed to open document”. Can someone help me retrieve this file? :disappointed_relieved: I’ve uploaded my file in my google drive Casa Nicodemus Final.skp - Google Drive

The good part is that the model opens, you have to be patient and wait without clicking on the screen.

It has ~ 60 million edges and over 30 million faces - over 800 MB file!

You did not use groups, components and tags when you drew the house, and the faces are not oriented correctly.
Don’t download everything you find in 3D Warehouse or at least look for low poly models, and delete the ones you don’t need and clean the model through Purge.

Basics of SketchUp at

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I’m encountering difficulties opening a file as I repeatedly receive a ‘Failed to open document’ error message. Additionally, when attempting to launch SketchUp without loading a specific model, I’m now encountering a Bug Splat error.

Even after I deleted two of the three models plus the vegetation and then purge it, the file is still 450 MB because you downloaded components from 3D Warehouse of 1 million edges each, models that if you modeled correctly, would it probably only had about a thousand edges.

Normally, you open SketchUp and then File > Open to load a model.

Of course, if you open SketchUp, it is normal that there are no errors, so check your computer and make sure that the drivers and programs are working correctly.

The way the model looks now, it would probably take less time to redraw it from the beginning correctly, instead of trying to fix it.

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Your file is extremely heavy for a model of that size, and as Mihai told you, its not well modeled, you have just loose geometry and the normals are inverted. I would start all over from scratch, trying to fix it will take more time, but first learn the basics of how to model properly so you don’t have this problems again.

Hi !please help me. My file was corrupted and does not appear to be a sketchup model. Can you help me?

It looks pretty grim for that file. Do you have the .skb backup file to share?

Where have you been keeping the file as you’ve been working on it?

I do not have .skb backup file because my disk has been damaged. This is the file I have in external drive.

This is the only copy I have and I would be extremely happy if anything could be done.

Maybe @colin will have luck but based on what we’ve seen, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Files recovered from damaged disks are rarely viable.

I saved it in external drive when everything was ok (at least that’s what I thought…)

That also seems to be a problem in some cases. Wait for Colin to see if he has any luck. Maybe he will. It’s almost 7:00 am where he is so you’ll have to give him time to get to work at least.

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I tried as well, and couldn’t recover the model.

Thank you anyway.

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