Failed To Open Document Sketchup2021

I finished working on my file yesterday and there was no issues. However the file failed to open now. I have tried renaming the .skb to .skp but it still failed to open. Now, i’m not sure what else to do. There was also no previous versions to restore.

Would really appreciate if anyone can help/ Here is the link for the file. Its in 2021 version.

It takes a while to open, but does eventually. I made two versions of the file, this one, which is your file opened and resaved in the hope that fixes somethings:

and another one where I reduced the size of your materials (many were very large):

That reduced the file size by 130 MB. Even then it takes over 30 seconds to open the file. The main issue is the amount of detail there is in your components. The model is nearly 11 millions edges, which is more edges than an entire city might take. Replacing the more demanding components with simpler versions, and then purging unused items, should make the file a lot smaller and less demanding.


Take Colin’s point about the demanding components in your model to heart. You could make your modeling process much easier and faster if you use leaner and cleaner components. These screenshots are from the optimized version of your file. They show the largest contrbutors to your model.
Screenshot - 3_4_2022 , 9_33_41 AM

Screenshot - 3_4_2022 , 9_34_30 AM

Thank You for this Colin, I was able to open the optimized file but not the other one. I’ve been reading through different threads as well to help make my files smaller. I have also added cleanup 3 on my plugins. Can you give some advice on how to better use it without taking much time? I’ve tried using it and most of the time it takes more than an hour.

Cleanup3 takes a long time because your model contains so much geometry…
The answer to that is allready given to you, do not use exorbitant components from the Warehouse!

When you download things from 3D Warehouse you can either say Yes, and import the model as a component into your main model, or you can say No, and the model will save as its own file.

If you worked that way you could use CleanUp to repair and optimize the model you downloaded, before taking it into your main model (with a copy and paste).