Please help, failed to open document,

I cant open my file it show Failed to open document. Here is the file Guest Room.skb - Google Drive
please help.

If you want us to help you need to make the file acessible.

What operating system are you using? 2023 is NOT an operating system.

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Thank you for reply. The file has been modified to be accessible. im using window10(64bit).

Fix your forum profile while I see if I can help you out.

The file you shared is the .skb backup copy. It’s mostly zeroes and not recoverable. Share the .skp file and let’s see if that is better.

Where were you saving the file as you were working on it? In a cloud location or maybe an external drive?

My profile has been fixed.
and here are the skp file:

That file is saved on the company’s internal hard drive.

This file is also not recoverable, there’s a trick to know if it’s corrupted, when you compress it the size of the file reduces from 500mb to 100mb, that means that more than 50% of the file is filled with 0’s. If I were you I’d start all over again as soon as possible, usually the second time you model something you’ll do it a lot faster.
The size of the file makes me believe that you used a lot of assets from the 3D warehouse, it is possible that one or more objects you downloaded, were corrupted and corrupted your file, you should download assets to another file, not directly into your main model, there you must check if it’s good for an asset and 95% of the times you must clean up and fix them, an asset doesn’t have to be heavier than the main model, most of the objects from the 3DWH are over detailed and the sizes are ridiculous, when you add this kind of objects, your model will become laggy and at some point it will be impossible to work with.


At the risk of being pedantic, I will say not necessarily true. It means the file is filled with a pattern that LZ-type compression algorithms are effective in reducing. Long stretches of zero bytes is one such pattern, among a near-infinity of others. :slight_smile: I would make a more broad statement that if an SKP or SKB file compresses to a size that is significantly smaller than the SKP/SKB size, it means the file is seriously damaged. This conclusion is possible because since about 2021 SKP/SKB files are natively compressed when created by SketchUp itself. A compressed file will generally not shrink upon further cycles of compression. Ergo, if a (compressed) SKP/SKB file does compress significantly it means something bad has happened after the original native compression occurred.

I’ll second that with a message from a few days ago, Colin explaining basically the same

a sane file shouldn’t compress much because it’s already compressed. but compression doesn’t always mean zeroes.

I learned something too.

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In this particular case the file is 80% filled with zeros, and SketchUp had not yet compressed that. No chance of recovering anything from the file.

The fact that the skb was also mostly zeros means the more recent skp was bound to have the same problem.

i have an issue opening my file. failed to open document.
please need your help. thanks in advance

Site Dev 2.skp - Google Drive

Why are you posting the same file from before and using a different Username!?
Personally I consider this either spam or trolling.

this is my first time to encounter this problem.

Sorry, my mistake the file name was similar to an earlier multiposter.
Please only post once.

can you help me recover the file. i cant open my pc just crash when i open the file it says, “failed to open document” i tried to open the skb file it says the same…

My reply is the same as this from your double post.

It’s not possible to recover, if Colin couldn’t do it, there’s no way any of us can recover it. The main reasons for this are saving on an external device or the cloud and downloading a bunch of corrupted models from the 3D warehouse.