Fail to open document

I cant open my document on sketchup its around 200 mb.

Are you really using the free web version as your profile indicates? What operating system? 2023 does not answer that question. What graphics card? “4” is not a graphics card. Putting the correct information in your profile is important if you want help.

Maybe @colin will be able to do something with it?

Half of the file is filled with zeros. Only real hope is if there is an SKB file in the same folder.

After I’ve been working in the model without problem, suddenly I can’t open it.
Is there anyway to recover it?
Thanks in advance
Please, find attached the file into this link.

Both files are almost completely filled with zeros.

Thanks anyway Colin

I was able to open it, its really messy, you should work with groups and components, I remodeled the walls, its a small model so it was very easy to do it, now I´m checking some objects you downloaded from the 3DWH, theyre unnecesarily detailed, also some incorrect tag usage. I´ll upload the file in a few minutes after reducing the size of it, only purging it, the size reduced almost 50%.

I somehow managed to open it after copying both files into my desktop instead and opening the skb file (not skp) file using sketchup. But yes, I agree the tags are very messy due to the import from CAD and 3DWH. I appreciate the help!!

Heres the file, its 23mb now, but there are still assets that weight more than what they should.

HI team, am not able to open my sketchup file as it is showing failed to open the document. would you please help me.

Inside a SketchUp file are lots of sub-files, each of which have header information. I don’t know how it would have happened, but all of those headers in your file are corrupt. I couldn’t rescue anything from the file.

Do you have the SKB copy of the file?

Hello, I met the some issue that I can’t open the SketchUp file that I edited and saved yesterday. Can you help me with that? Thank you. @colin

SketchUp (14.5 MB)

That file is almost half full of zeros. Do you have the SKB backup file as well?

Hello, I have successfully restored my file through the skb backup file. I can open my SketchUp file now. Thank you