Fail to open document

Some models from the warehouse are corrupted, I don’t know if people upload corrupted models on purpose or why, those models can get your entire file corrupted, if you need to download models from the 3DWH you should do it into an empty file, there you can check if it’s good enough for your main model, fix it, delete tags and then copy and paste it on your main model, by the size of your file I guess you downloaded a lot of models, I don’t use the warehouse because most of the models that are meant to be simple assets are extremely detailed and add a lot of weight to your file, you probably had lag problems with your file. The best is to create your own assets or use proxys if you’re going to render, enscape and vray have very good assets that are low poly on the model but look great on the render, vray has a tool to create your own proxys, it let’s you create models with a lot of polygons and detail for the render but on the model it will show a low poly object without materials.

I am desperate for help. I received the “failed to open document” message. I reinstalled SketchUp and it did not help. Please help!


if you read the thread you just posted in, you’ll see that unless you share a file, we can’t do anything. can’t try to open it, can’t check if it’s full of zeroes.

and as you’ll probably ask, wetransfer, google drive or dropbox, if it’s google drive, don’t forget to allow anyone with the link to access.

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Hi, I’m having trouble trying to open my sketch up file and related layout file. It comes up with “Failed to open document” I’ve researched and tried a bunch of things, but nothing has worked.


The link asked me to log into Microsoft. Can you share the file in a way that doesn’t need a sign-in?


If anyone can help in my issue? when I open this file and the [failed to open document] appeared.
How to open the file? SKP BUG - Google Drive

You already share the file before. It wasn’t recoverable. It still isn’t recoverable.

Are you using a cracked version of SketchUp 2021? Are you saving the file to an external drive?

Could you please also fix my file?
INTE 112B_Project #3_Niya_TEST.skp

I couldn’t recover anything in the scene, only in the Components and Materials trays. See if there is anything useful in those trays.

Thank you so much for your help, but the recovered file did not have much. Could you please try this file one more time?
INTE 112B_Project #3_Niya_Borghei.skp