Failed to open document. Please help

Sketchup failed to open document. Can someone help me retrieve it?
Here’s the file

I couldn’t open the file either. Have you tried the backup file (SKB)? It doesn’t seem to be empty, maybe @colin would have better luck:

I have the skb file but it’s old and I have already made a lot of progress on that skp

But it might be open-able and a viable file while the .skp might not be. Better to start with a file that doesn’t have all your latest work than to start from zero whichh would be your alternative if Colin can’t recover anything from the .skp file.

It should be the last save.

Yes it should be but Idk why it’s 2 days older than the skp file. I’ll try to wait for colin if he can recover anything.

Going forward, save your files on the local, internal drive but also same them to your Trimble Connect storage. That will give you an backup and every time you save the file to Trimble Connect it’s an incremental save so you can go back to a previous version if needed.

This took a lot of effort to put back together, and it is possible that some materials are not there anymore. But it’s worth looking at:

You are using a lot of big images. One of them, which is only a wooden texture, is 35 MB on its own. Here is a screenshot of the texture, if you can find where you have used it, and replace it with a smaller texture image, that would save some file space.

I purged unused things in the file, which may include that large texture. That reduced the number of materials from 750, down to 55. The file changed from 166 MB to 30 MB. Here is that version: