Ever since a crash I can't open my file, failed to open document with the skp or skb

I think instead of investing more time trying to get this model fixed, you would be time and effort ahead to start over. Begin by modeling the house correctly. Once you have it built, start adding the furniture and other components after you’ve cleaned them up in another SketchUp session. Do not add materials or images until you have the geometry finished and it is correctly oriented.


thats understandable as now that i looked at this file again, it really is a disaster with a lot of mistakes. I have learnt a lot from it and should only put finial objects into this and work on a separate skp for materials. Tbh im still not sure by what u mean by incorrectly oriented faces, is it where the face is the back instead of the front? and if so how do i know which face is being shown?

Yes. That’s what I mean. The default back face color is the blue you can see in some of my screen shots. Part of the problem in your model is that materials have been applied to the back faces so with the face style set to Shaded or Shaded with Textures, you can’t determine which faces are correctly oriented and which aren’t. This is one of the things you often have to fix in components you get from the 3D Warehouse along with the frequently excess detail.

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If materials has been applied to the back faces, how does one check which side is it showing?

Change the face style to Monochrome. You can also tell which side of a face has materials applied to it by selecting it and looking at Entity Info. I have a green color for my back face color instead of the default blue.



Thanks a lot for the demonstration, really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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You really need to spend some serious time The Learning Center and The SketchUp You Tube Channel. This is the place to learn how to work with SketchUp.


I have created the base home from scratch again with the stuff I have learned including putting each part into tags and outliners/groups. Its better than continuing trying to fix my previous file, have also made a separate skp file for all the models and stuff i plan on using and to edit them there.

NewHome.skp (579.9 KB)

You still haven’t quite got the use of tags right. ALL edges and faces should remain untagged. You only give tags to groups and components.

Here you’ve given the geometry for this roof the L1_Roof tag.

And these next two show that there is more than one tag given to the selected edges and faces.

Here I’ve untagged all of the geometry as it should be.
Screenshot - 8_13_2021 , 7_42_54 AM

Here’s the file: NewHome.skp (590.5 KB)

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Ohh I see, so I would only tag the main group itself instead of all the walls and edges inside of that group. Thanks for the tip and checking it out :slight_smile: What is the difference if I tagged everything, or is it just good practice?

Yes. Exactly.

Tagging the geometry opens you to errors. It’s too easy to get some edges and faces tagged incorrectly so parts of your model can disappear when you don’t want them to. Also, if you tag the geometry you have to be constantly monitoring the active tag as you make edits to the model. Tagging only groups and components helps to reduce or eliminate those problems.

There’s a lot less work involved if you just stick to the “rule” of giving tags to the objects and leave all edges and faces untagged. There’s no chasing tags when you are editing groups and components. In fact when you get to editing the geometry in the groups and components you don’t even need to know what tag was given to the object because it doesn’t matter.

Work smarter, not harder.

One other suggestion: Make sure you have a clear idea of where you are headed with the model and be thinking about working with it in the future. Do your modeling to make future changes easier to deal with. Keep things lean and clean as you go and don’t move on to something else until you know what you just did was correct.

There’s an admonition given to airplane pilots to avoid flying into box canyons. Box canyons dead end and if you fly into one it can be impossible to either climb up to get out or turn around and fly out the way you came in. I think the same thing goes for modeling (and a lot of other things). Don’t get your models to a point where you can’t work with them anymore.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation and tips, I’ll keep that in mind while working on projects.

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