How to recover a file after a bugsplat?

There was a time that I could go to the temporary files and change the extension file to .skp
now I can’t find them in there anymore. :exploding_head: :face_with_monocle:

If you re-open SketchUp you should be prompted to open a recent recovered file, or browse the list of recovered files in the welcome window by scrolling downward in the recent files list. The recovered fils are marked in red with a life preserver.

but I set the autosave to 15 min so I loose a lot of work everytime it crashes

Are you saving to a local drive or to the cloud? Cloud saving causes many issues. Also how big is the file?

Work slower or set the autosave interval shorter.

What are you doing that makes SketchUp crash? Maybe you need to investigate why it is doing that and make changes so it doesn’t. I rarely have crashes or Bug Splats with SketchUp.


but then it takes too long to save and when I am doing something complex, like using round corner and the program saves, it freezes completely. Could you check if there is some problem if my model? when I render in enscape some awkwards things happens in the reflection of the mirror, and the enscape team support is saying that the problem must be inside the sketchup.

here is the wetransfer link WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

If you want us to look at your file and help you with it upload the .skp file not an mp4.

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sorry Dave I sent the wrong link, here it is

What I see in your model is excessive small details that don’t adduseful information to your model. I think you’ve already been told to use less detailed components or clean up the components you get from the 3D Warehouse. There also seems to be excessive nesting of components and groups. Here’s an example. There’s no reason this chair should have 5 materials, two tags, or all of the nested objects in it. You could clean that up substantially and reduce the file size. There are 80 inistances of that chair in your model so reducing the amount of geometry in this one chair would herlp a great deal. Is this chair supposed to be transparent?

This is the Statistic window for just that one chair.
Screenshot - 10_6_2021 , 12_09_52 PM

There are other components in your model like that big chandlier thing on the wall that could do with a diet, too.

There are loads of reversed faces. All the red faces here are not oriented correctly. That can cause you problems with rendering. Face orientation is something you should be correcting as you go. It can be fixed now but it’ll be a lot more work than it would have been if you’d fixed it as you worked.

I see incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 10_6_2021 , 11_57_54 AM

Giving objects tags so you can control their visibility can help. You can turn off tags for plants or other objects that you don’t need to see while you are working. But making your models leaner and more efficient will go a long way toward making things work more quickly.

By the way, After fixing the incorrect tag usage I purged unused stuff from your model and saved it. File size went from 377 Mb to 135 Mb, a reduction of about 60%.

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Thank you very much Dave. May I have the cleaned file? :pray:

Here you go.

thank you very much

Do you still have the file? I downloaded but I don’t find it anymore here in my pc, and the link expired
please :pray:

Sorry. I don’t have it anymore. After you downloaded it I deleted it from my DropBox account to free up space.

please David, do it just one more time, it would save my life at work, pleasee I will do whatever you want :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

I’m sorry. I’ve got paying work I need to complete today. Maybe I’ll have time later.

ok, thank you very much