.skp file won't open after hard drive crash

I have SketchUp 2019 Pro and have been building a model for a client all day on Wednesday. The file was located on my portable hard drive. My hard drive suddenly became “inaccessible” after I shut down my computer and had to go for data retrieval yesterday. Almost all my files were recovered however, for this particular model, my original sketchup file was listed as 0 kb. However, the autosave file shows it is 5,700 kb (not sure how big the original model was but the date/time stamp are only a minute apart). The weird thing is the autosave file extension is .skp, not skb. Sketchup still won’t open and says it is not a sketchup file. Is this file trash or is there some way to recover this?
I have attached the Autosave file. I tried attaching the original file but it said it couldn’t be uploaded because the file was empty. AutoSave_Rivals.skp (5.6 MB)

Autosave files don’t get .skb, instead they get AutoSave_ prepended to the file name, as you saw.

Sorry, but I too cannot open that file in SketchUp. If you didn’t properly eject the external drive before shutting down the computer, odds are that there were cached contents that weren’t written yet and the file is not repairable.