An error with unexpected file format

After a crush, my file cannot be opened, both the autosaved-file and the original file.
What`s the matter? I need help.

What crashed? SketchUp or the computer?
What was the location of the files, was it on a server?

AutoSave_A456_1.skp (15.5 MB)

Damaged files rarely get repaired in my experience. Sometimes a zip and unzip has effect. Even if you have an active M&S plan and send the file to support, it’s gonna take a while before you get you’re file back (if they can repair it!)

Almost all cases of damaged files are related to the location where they are saved. Best practice is

Not to use cloud services like iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox or even company servers but to use a local drive (in computer, no flashdrive!)

Not to rely on autosave settings, but make an active save after you made a significant change.

Perhaps the location where you saved has a history (or backup) of its own…

SketchUp crash not the computer.
I have uploaded the file in the third floor.