Unexpected File Format - help!


I have been working for some time on a large model. I have been saving this to a memory stick and I am not able to open up the sketch up model as it is just saying ‘Unexpected File Format’. Is there anyway for me to be able to access this file or is it lost forever?

I have seen on some previous issues like this on this forum where there were able to send to Sketch up team and they could fix it. Would this be possible for me.


Some of these can be opened, some not. Wait for someone from Sketchup to respond.
A last chance is to open the .skb file. From inside Sketchup File/Open(All files) browse the file and open it. If you are lucky it will be a closer backup file. Save it as a different file and continue from where it was left.

Please create a case with the file and we will be happy to review it. If the file size is more than 5MB please upload it to Google Drive, set the share setting to “anyone with the link”, and copy/paste the link in the case.

Please note chances of recovering such files are very low and we strongly recommend to locate a working backup file, as suggested by @ely862me, OR a previous version of the file and redo the work. The Autosave and backup file will be in the location where the files were saved. (Also, see Setting Software and File Preferences | SketchUp Help and http://help.sketchup.com/en/article/37932).