!Covid Response Help-File Conversion!

I am working on a Covid-19 response that is moving super quick. I need to pull in a file that I have in .step. I also have .dae or .obj. I have loaded Sim and other extensions, but I can’t seem to import it in. Is there anyone out there that can help convert this for this? Thank you!

SU should be able to import .dae or .obj.
Attach a file if you want someone else to try it.

Thank you. I have been trying for 2 days . It keeps hanging up. I know source file is good. Loading it up here.

Here is the file .dae version

You might try some online conversion solutions to get the file converted before importing to Sketchup?

Thanks. I’ve been able to get it into a .dae or .obj format, for the life of me, it won’t load or import. It just hangs

Still no file attached. How big is it, you may need to use dropbox or similar.

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How big is your DAE file? How long have you waited? A big model with many faces and edges might take hours to import, and there is no progress indicator (been waiting for that since 2003…)

Your file is on Drive and not set to share. Can you post directly to the forum, or is it too big?

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Google Drive goes to a “You need permission” screen.

Set the permissions to … Anyone with the link.

Geo, Thanks, I thought I had, but must not have saved the setting. I just went back in and changed it Let me know and thank you!

What would upload a DAE (512MB !!) instead of the SKP.
Useless for the issue at hand.

He can’t get the .dae into .skp, that is the issue.

512 mb is too big for me to download on a metered connection.
I would suspect it is not hanging, just taking a long time to import.

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So it’s THAT big. It could take overnight.

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Mea culpa … Responding to two discussions, both with file sharing issues.

Yes, the progress bar went 74% rather quickly then paused.
Task Manager shows SketchUp is still working on it.

I moved the project over to my 2nd machine.
The old T3400 is chewing away at it, now at 74%.
This could take awhile, if the memory well doesn’t run dry.

Thank you all! I have someone who was able to get it to a .fbx file and an .obj. I think the size is the issue. I just downloaded Rhino and seeing if I can bring it in and convert as well. Anyone who can get it, this is huge. This is part of a mobile medical/housing self powered set-up. FOB style, it deploys under an hour and there is more. But, I am stuck at the moment. All help to get this is so appreciated. Thank you SU community!

How detailed is the object in the file.
If you have enough information about it, why not just model it in SketchUp.

And it may be difficult to work with in SU.