Problems importing .dae

Hi guys,

I have a problem importing .dae file. It get’s stuck at 50% or 49%.

Here is the .dae file:

It’s a 280 MB file with 2.000.000 faces


Looks like 1.900.000 of them are in the sofa and the railings. Just looking at the image.

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Is there a limit?

Not really, but a file that size may take very long to import, and may be slow to work with.

Is there any other way to export from blender to SketchUp?

Of course some file formats do work too, but DAE might still be your best option.

You can export in pieces, instead of exporting the entire model. Anssi has already given you some clues, so you can export the furniture separately (sofa, suspended chair, trampoline).
You can also use an alternative importer, like Universal Importer, Transmutr or Skimp.

I think @mihai.s has the right idea to import small parts of the model at a time. That’ll make it not only easier to import but also easier to repair once you get it imported. As it is, the model is extremely hard to manage because of the way the geomtry gets created. There needs to be some use of groups and components. There are versed faces that need to be corrected and it looks like a fair amount of cleanup. Out of curiosity, how will you use the model once you have it in SketchUp?