Blender File does not import

I’ve been trying to import a Blender file (saved as COLLADA .dae) to sketchup but it never imports more than 49%.

Is there anything I can do to get it imported?

How large is the .dae file? Maybe you need to simplify it.

Screenshot 2020-11-26 105037|601x40

Hi Dave,

I’ve attached a screenshot of the file size.
How do I simplify it?


Impossible to tell from that. It’s a little bit like saying, “My car won’t start. Here’s a picture of the mirror. How can I make it start?”
Screenshot - 11_26_2020 , 5_50_44 AM

I’d guess you need to reduce the amount of geometry or something in the Blender file. Do something to reduce the file size.

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