Importing a dae into sketchup errors


Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to import a dae file into sketchup and it errors saying that it doesn’t appear to be a sketchup file.

Is this user error? Is there some clever trick I should know but don’t?



This sentence doesn’t quite make sense. Are you trying to load the file using “Open” or using “Import”? A dae file is a Collada file, it is not a SketchUp file. You can import it, but you can not just open it.


Make sure you read through our Help article that explains best practices on important and exporting .dae files.



@AlexB - Neither of those help links work - they are both ‘Page not found’??

I too am having trouble with importing a .dae file. Working on SketchUp 8 and it does import. However, the geometry comes in as a component and SU crashes if I try to work on or explode it.


Please try them again and let me know if you have any more questions.

Also, I Private Messaged you.



Can you share the dae so we can try to recreate the issue on our end?