DAE Import Maximum File Size

Hello all! I have been importing Collada files into Sketchup. Whilst the majority of my files successfully import, there are some larger files which do not. I would like to know if there is a maximum import file size for .dae files so that I can recreate then accordingly. Or maybe there is a glitch that I’m not aware about. Any information on this would be great. Many thanks. Lizzie.

Have you checkout out this existing thread about importing .dae files?

To cover all the bases, check out this help article on how to import a .dae file properly.

Also this one. (Note: SketchUp supports the Collada 1.4 specification and schema.)

I am not sure if there is a maximum file import size for .dae files. Can you post a screen shot, if possible, of the error that appears when you try to import the larger .dae file?