Trouble Importing a DAE file and corresponding textures


I was sent a DAE file in a zip with some textures, but i cant seem to figure out how to upload them into Sketchup. I’ve selected the file i want to import, the DAE, but when i try it says ‘failed’ missing textures’, but it wont let me import the textures at the same time… am i missing something? how do i do this? I tried to attach the file here but it says its too big…Help PLEASE!

Can you upload the dae and textures as a Zip file here or to cloud drive (ie dropbox) and post link? I can take a look as I have an extension that is designed for this kind of import. Send via direct message if you don’t want the file shared publicly.

Hi eric, that would be great! How do i send you a direct message?

Click on my name. Then click the Message button in the upper right.

It’s fine, i dont mind sharing it here.

Ok so the materials seem to be linked to the model but the problem I’m seeing is that there are no faces. See below:
Just edges:

When edges are turned off.

Can you get whomever sent you the original DAE to check to make sure that faces/surfaces or exported along with edges and textures? Update: that textures need faces to be applied to…so that’s likely what’s causing the failed import.

ooohhh i see. That makes sense. Yes i’ll see if i can get them to do that.

can you share the version with the edges only in the meantime? At least it will give me a starting point.

here you go.

3D model - hou-02.skp (13.1 MB)

Your model in Blender

Your model in SketchUp

Weird @mihai.s - I used Transmutr to import the DAE and it somehow omitted the Faces. Good catch!

Hi @eric-s - In Transmutr did the faces appear and have a texture?

Previously I used Universal Importer, and some textures did not appear properly (possibly because of their name or extension)

Now I imported via pCon Planner and all the textures appear

After cleaning, the model has 18.2 MB.

@mihai.s - See screen shots from Transmutr…

When I click Show Edges, I can see those but no mesh. Not sure why. Also never heard of pCon Planner…looks a lot like SketchUp!

Thanks, Eric!

Most probably merwan or thomas (from Lindale) will be able to find an explanation and a solution for Transmutr.
I imported into Blender, then exported DAE again and imported this new file directly into SketchUp. The materials appear and the skp file is 15.3 MB.

They are somewhat similar, including Layout.

Thanks everyone for your help, i was able to complete my renders with the model you uploaded :slight_smile: