DAE Import no textures

Hi, I’ve had a good browse through the forum and I am mostly confused.

8f7e84e07e8e481eb9cecf0714e40ac8_collada.zip (2.5 MB)

I’ve attached the zip file to this post.

When I use the Universal Importer to import the dae file, it loads the model without textures. I’ve read explanations from similar issues but recieve different answers depending on the folder structure and having to rename files?

Would someone be so kind as to explain how I do this, with this particular model, please?

Thank you :slight_smile:

That DAE file doesn’t actually reference the textures - so I don’t think any importer will attach them correctly.

I tried a few other files and they all needed for me to manually attached the materials in blender, so I’m not sure how useful that is.
Also, that website was riddled with security warnings, so I would be super careful about downloading anything from them.

I did this and exported it out to SketchUp, but some of the faces were reversed on the handles so the textures weren’t showing up right.
Was there a trick to flip those in blender too?

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You’re right!

With native Mesh > Normals > Recalculate outside in Edit Mode

or with QOL Flip Faces (for object)

But the model has other several problems, many faces and vertices are duplicated.

The model has been ripped/stolen from SketchFab via a browser from the look of the name. The ripping must have left errors

Thank you all for your replies. I didn’t realise the website I got it from was dodgy and I should have assumed that if other websites were charging for the same model, then this one couldn’t have been legitimate.

I appreciate people looking into this for me. I’ve had the same problem with faces flipped but this is the first time I’ve ever used blender, to try and get it to import models correctly into SKP.

I’d be curious to look into blender as it looks like it might be able to handle renders better, but that’s my limited knowledge.

Thank you again.

Yeah, Blender is a more generalised 3D tool than SketchUp, so it has lots of other functionality for things that are less commonly useful outside of the Architecture and Design conceptual design space that SketchUp inhabits.