Collada .dae file wont import

I created a dae file in photoshop and tried importing it in my sketchup model. each time i do so it say import failed. it use to work now it doesnt. i NEED HELP!!!

Help us to help you.
What is this DAE.
Can you attach it ?

How can you do that?

The file must contain a 3D model for SketchUp to be able to import it.

Can you post the file?


Photoshop Extended does 3d…

here’s the file that was created in photoshop. photoshop has an extension where u can create a 3D model from layers. and here’s the screenshot

CheersSign.dae (510.1 KB)

Missing Textures-
/Users/johns_iMac/Downloads/Layer 1 Extrusion Material - Default Texture.PNG
/Users/johns_iMac/Downloads/Layer 1.PNG

and then it fails…

I have those materials in the folder that the .dae file is in

It crashes Meshlab as well, is it tiny?

if you’re referring to the thing in photoshop no. it just doesnt import into my sketchup model

[quote=“john_drivenupthewall, post:6, topic:16127, full:true”]
Missing Textures-/Users/johns_iMac/Downloads/Layer 1 Extrusion Material - Default Texture.PNG/Users/johns_iMac/Downloads/Layer 1.PNG

and then it fails…
[/quote] @damar_prince
Please upload the WHOLE ‘DAE’ package - including the required material image files.
Without those we are doomed to fail :frowning:

Enitre package (1.2 MB)

have you tried exporting without the ‘Infinite plane’ as the ground? and your still missing a file ‘Layer 1.PNG’

no i didnt. how do u do that?

no idea I’m just reading the code, and thought why export a ground plane with a material if it’s not need in the final import…

I don’t use photoshop…

what do you suggest i do to make this work?

I’d draw it in SU and just apply the image as a texture…

thats very complex to draw

what else can you export that SU can import? 3ds? dxf?

.kmz files, 3ds files .dxf files

try one of each…
.kmz will probably fail as it’s also a .dae inside…