Collada Import Failed

Using SketchUp Light
I am having an issue importing Collada .dae files. They keep failing.
The importing of Collada files would appear to be broken. It does not work most of the time.
I would provide more information, but SketchUp does not provide anything other than ‘Failed’.
So without any details, I am unable to do any troubleshooting on my own and so must conclude this is failing on SketchUp.

Try sharing a file in .dae format that fails to import. That might help someone with better diagnostic skills than I have to see what is happening.

Have you tried running the import with the Ruby console open? Does it show any progress or error messages? (It may not, if the importer doesn’t use Ruby).

Here is a link to the file that is failing this time. rib 09.dae

This one has data this time.

That file is blank, zero data.

Let me check to see if there was an issue with the upload. I know the file itself has data.

Fixed the file. Still failed to import, but does have data to examine.

Did you see these errors? Are these textures still in those locations?:

Missing Textures-
/C_/X-Plane/X-Plane 11/Aircraft/Onyx Dragon Aviation/Mayan Flyer Mk-1/Objects/pilot_e-seat.png
/C_/X-Plane/X-Plane 11/Aircraft/Onyx Dragon Aviation/Mayan Flyer Mk-1/Objects/structure.png

SketchUp did not output any specific error. Just failure.

And yes, those texture file sare still at those locations. Which is the same directory the file is located at when I tried to import it.

On a Mac, Apple’s QuickView nor Preview can view that file either. I tried to look in the logs to see if it’d say why, but haven’t found anything. Looks like the file was generated with AC3D? Were there export settings you used to export that? You might need to match some things up by reading and other articles.

No AC3D does not have any settings for exporting to collada.
I took a glance at the file using NotePad++, but did not do anything as I have no idea what to be looking for a possible cause of an error.

That article was usless. All it does is provide baseic instructions on how to execute an import, which I already know. The impression given by the article is that it should just work. Do not need to save the .dae or prepair the model in any specif way or anything.

OK, try this:

xmllint --noout --schema rib\ 09.dae

If you don’t know what a linter is, google it, but there are tons of schema issues with that Collada.

I also said “and other articles.” figuring you’d start there and explore help & forums, not stop there.

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