Problems importing dae-file

I´ve tried to import a 3D map (dae file), but failed. It was exported from being a TIN model in ArcGis to a dae file and a kml file.
Sketchup starts to import the dae file but stops at app. 20%.
What´s wrong?
Very happy for answer.

Your best bet is probably to share the file that you are trying to import. Otherwise, the best we can do is guess…

Sorry for late reply. The two files seems to be corrupt but we can´t find out why. They are impossibly to upload on this site. I´ve uploaded them on my Dropbox. Please download from:

I’m not sure what this file is of, but I cannot import it, nor can I view it in MeshLab… Is it possible to export a different format? Can you export only a portion of the file?

It hung, I crashed it and looked at the spindump. It’s hanging while doing ImportMaterial. You’re missing a folder for your materials, which Collada places in a folder on the same level as the .dae and with the same file name.

Take SketchUp, draw a box, geo-locate your model, export to .kmz. Unzip that kmz, and you’ll see what you should be producing from your kmz (if you want geo-location), or collada (if you don’t).

A typical .kmz has:

A typical .dae has:

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