.dae import problems

I think this is a known issue but I’m not sure how to phrase it properly to search for an it. hopefully someone can direct me to an answer? Im attempting to export textured models as collada (.dae) format that i can import into other software like SparkAR but it randomly leaves out textures or applies some of them strangely. Doesn’t seem to matter what i import it into, it always has issues like this.

the attached image shows an example of my Sketchup file (Left) and the imported .dae file (Right)

any ideas?!

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 10.17.22 AM|690x432

If you view the model in Monochrome mode (View > Face Style > Monochrome), are the areas where the texture does not appear somehow have the back faces (blue) outward?

@mihai.s It looks like a couple faces are reversed, but they aren’t causing problems. It seems like the problem is mainly on the tongue of the shoe, but that face is not reversed.

Im also just noticing that if i preview the file in finder, it shows the shoe properly textured, so maybe this is a SparkAR issue?

That would seem to be a reasonable suspicion.